Saturday, 11 April 2009

Albem cable bag

New project for you today - the Albem cable bag designed by Berroco. It's a free pattern so if you want to download the PDF or print it out, just follow the link. This has been sitting in my to-do list for a while as I've been looking for just the right yarn to use. It uses two strands of worsted weight - I'm using aran - so knits up super quick. When I got the teal aran for the Vivian hoodie, I remembered this teal cable bag and well, that was it, a perfect match. So I went back and bought the last 400gm ball so I could make this.

The pattern says to use 7mm but this was far too loose and much bigger than the given measurements so I downsized to 6mm and it's sooo much better, a lovely dense cabley knit that is going to be strong enough for a knitted bag without sagging. The bag is simple in design, a front panel, a back panel with flap and a gusset & strap.

I only started last night and I am pretty much on the way to finishing the front as well as the completed back. I may tinker with the gusset pattern and the length of the strap as I want more of a waist/hipster bag.

As far as my other works in progress, the magenta Ishbel scarf is moving slowly but surely - pictures for you next post, and the green stripey sock will be, I hope, soon finished. Just a matter of matching the heel stripes and then a quick run the the finish - I hope:-)


  1. This bag is beautiful, I will pass the pattern details onto my sister, a really talented knitting freak, but a bit of a lazy blogger: Lois x

  2. I am currently working on the same bag, but I don't really get the "decrease x stitches across" :S Did you "just" do this evenly, or from the corners? And how?

    That is, if you remember after over 3 years... I know I probably wouldn't

    It turned out nicely :D I'm really grateful you blogged about your progress - gives me something to check mine with ;) I imagine it is also very usefull if you ever want to knit something like this again.


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