Thursday, 16 April 2009

Albem cabley progress

Well, this week has seemed to fly by with other stuff and now all of a sudden it's thursday and I haven't blogged since the weekend. You would think that would mean lots of knitting progress, wouldn't you? Well, some, but not as much as I would like. But the chunky Albem can't not make progress being a lovely quick knit:-) So, to update.

The front was already completed, the back and the joined flap are now completed and I am on to the gusset/strap. This is meant to be knitted in a 1x1 rib but I think a cabled strap would be much nicer. So I've started a long strap with a provisional cast - on (the white thread at the bottom) using the cable stitch from the main body of the bag and I'm knitting and knitting and knitting. It is getting a bit repititious now, hence the slowing down of progress:-)

I used a provisional cast on so I can graft the end stitches and the cast on row together to create a seamless loop to attach all the way around the bag, so no dodgy joins to take any stress. I cast on using ten stitches instead of the 9 for rib and basically K1, P2, K4 (these will be the cable sts), P2, K1. The 4 row repeat follows the pattern for the bag.

It's also meant to have tassles but I'll have to think about that one! I'm not sure as it's not for me. But I've got a feeling when this is finished, I'm going to find it hard to part with:-)

But onwards with the strap........ the green stripey socks seem really appealing right now:-)

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