Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Matching toes

So I'm just about to start the second sock, circulars ready, re-watched the video for Judy's magic cast on and I kept thinking, I was meant to do something before starting the sock. What was it? Oh yes!!!! I've got to match the stripes before I start so both socks are the same - kinda important that. I was quite lucky as the repeat is nearly half a socks length but I only had to wind off a small ball of yarn to get there. I was worried about taking too much off and having one sock shorter than the other :-)
(I know I could have taken the top of the first one back , but hey, it's nicer not to have to !)

So only a small edit of the patterned yarn and on with the sock. This second sock is being knitted wholly on two circulars and the join lines aren't as obvious as with the dpn's, which is goooood! Look! Matching toes:-)

I must say I'm a lot closer with matching the pattern than I thought for a first attempt but I still actually have a lot of the ball left and I'm nearly to the heel of the second sock. Is this normal? If you buy an 100gm ball of trekking - or any 100gm ball of sock yarn knitting on 2.5mm needles - how far does it actually go? If I bought two balls, they might make stripey knee highs!!

Talking of knee-high socks, Cosmicpluto has just released a pattern for both knee-high and over-the-knee socks, plain and stripey. Her raspberry and chocolate stripey socks are just lovely. They are definitely on my to-do list, after the lace wraps, the gloves, and the vivian cable hoodie - I haven't forgotten that and I'm actually looking forward to knitting with aran weight yarn after all this thin 2ply and sock yarn. How quick it will knit up - bliss!

But for now, it's finishing the green stripey sock so I can get the circulars for the 'happy' capricorn stripey gloves. If that yarn lasts as long as this one, I could maybe get socks and gloves out of it!! Okay, maybe pushing it a little but wait and see:-)

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