Sunday, 12 April 2009

Magenta Ishbel scarf

Some progress for you on the Ishbel scarf I've been knitting. This got a bit sidelined by the albem cable bag but I'm back on track and working a few rows in between other things. I can't really watch tv whilst knitting this so it really needs a good block of time devoted to it to get the final few sections finished. I'm knitting the smaller version in fingering weight/4ply and have probably done about nearly half the lace edging now.

Its a nice, logical pattern that uses the same vine pattern as the Ishbel beret and the design is mirrored on either side. You have this nice lace YO line up the middle, which really helps you keep track of each section and off you go. The pattern by Ysolda, is in both chart and written form, with sizes for a small or large shawl/scarf for both laceweight or fingering/4ply.

I do love the final look of lace but it never looks that dynamic till it has been blocked. I found some lovely examples of finished Ishbels' for you here, here, here and Ysolda's own pics here. So plenty of inspiration for me to get finished and blocking.

Hmm, blocking will be a problem, though. I don't think I've blocked anything that big before and basically, I don't have anything big enough to spread it out on or pin it to. Suggestions anyone?

And then there's the cat...... Is there a safe place to actually put it once it is pinned? :-)

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  1. Oh wow! This is gorgeous already...I can't wait to see the finished scarf! I'm amazed by lacy knitting. It pretty much blows my mind.


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