Monday, 20 April 2009

Oops, I did it again....

So, I've gone and started something that wasn't in the plan - not in the list of must do's, want to do's or even might if I have the time sometime this year do's. I have WIP's (works in progress) that are nearly finished and only need that little shove to get them done and dusted so I can get all the projects off the needles for new, exciting spring knits. But this kind of came up behind when I wasn't looking and hijacked the needles!

So what am I knitting? Some new complex lace or cable pattern? Some lovely fresh spring number? Umm, no.

Does this look familiar?

Or this?

Sigh, yes, not only have I knitted it once before but TWICE! Not only isn't it a spring knit but it's another winter beret to add to the increasing beret pile - well the ones I have kept for me:-) And as this one is very pink, it'll probably stay mine!

But, although I do have things to finish that I should be feeling guilty about, I am really enjoying this small pink project in aran weight and it feels like it's flying off the needles. Do you ever feel that sometimes? Some projects tick over, some drag, but sometimes they just flow.

This one is definitely flowing and it's getting me thinking about tinkering with the pattern, playing with YO's and creating new beret patterns. So what if the eyelets went off in a slant instead of straight up? What if they were all over the beret? And how many stitches would that need to cast on etc, etc. So I'm knitting away and my mind is working overtime.

So not only will I not feel guilty about knitting my lovely new pink beret, I fully intend to keep on with my beret phase and play some more. I'm sure I can live without a spring cardi for another week or two:-) If I get on a roll, then I can always say I've started early for christmas!!!

Happy knitting!

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