Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Random Wednesday

While I was downloading the magenta flowers from my phone I found a whole stash of photos I had forgotten I'd taken. This was one I took way back last summer when all the tourists were down in Cornwall with their campers. Both campers were filling up with petrol/diesel - I love how you could probably fit two of the small camper into the big one the size of a bus!

So, random thoughts today:

Surprise of the week: Finding photos on my phone from my parents visit last October:-)

Most interesting blog this week: well, I have several for you today. Firstly, Posie Gets Cosy has a lovely visual entry on her local walks - always worth visiting.

Design from Material Obsession's new book

My main blog discovery this week is Material Obsession and The Last Piece. I found these sites through a link from Jane Brocket's mention of the book Material Obsession and discovered their quilting blog. Kathy now runs the Material Obsession blog and Sarah has started her own - The Last Piece. So you get twice the loveliness! They are full of ideas for quilts and visuals from the courses they run, the fabrics from their shop, workshops by well known artists - I love Sue Spargo's folk art quilts, yum.

Sue Spargo's design

All photos are from Material obsession's blog - go have a look for more quilting loveliness. It's really got me thinking about applique and decorating surfaces again. Maybe it's time to get my sewing machine out!

Reading: Lots of quilting books I got out of the library - all 7 of them!

Would still like to get done this week: Tidy, then organise my room to include the sewing machine - this could take a while....... Is there such a thing as a Mary Poppins room instead of a bag?! I could do with some invisible storage ready to call out of thin air whenever you need it!

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