Sunday, 5 October 2008

Daisy update

The more and more I looked at the posted pictures of red daisy, the more unhappy I felt, but why? I like the stitch and the colour, so what was niggling at me? I realised it looked incomplete, unfinished and severly lacking in daisies all the way to the crown. So, pretty much straight after I posted, I started to stitch, and stitch, and stitch, and voila! All over daisies and a hat that is now definitely, positively finished.

I did think a few french knots on the rib band would be a nice addition but the knitting was too loose and they kept slipping through the fabric - ah well. It probably would have been overkill, I suppose:)

The Dashing fingerless mitts are taking slightly longer than planned but I am just about up to the thumb on the first one and should have more interesting pictures than just a tube on some needles! A very yummy variegated yarn tube, but there is only so much photography can do to make a tube look interesting!! Until tomorrow...

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