Friday, 24 October 2008

serious workers

Just have a look at this 40's home knitting book I found in a charity shop recently. What a gem! Usually there are only bad 80's chunky mohair knits with awful intarsia patterns to browse through but this is in quite a different calibre. Ever want to know how to knit, well absolutely any type of clothing?! This book has it all and the styled, glamour shots are true classics. (Maybe we should start presenting our knits like this again!)

A dress with pleat effects......

A knitted bathing costume?! Ummm..... Fine for posing but wouldn't it kind of get a bit saggy and lose its shape - and coverage - in the water? I hope it is a very fine gauge knit or those shorts could get a bit uncomfortable! But the picture does make it look so elegant and it would be tempting to knit it up, just to see.

The book is part techniques, part patterns and is graded to help the learner progress - "it is so laid out that the principles develop in easy stages, from the very first processes to the most advanced types of work that can possibly be needed by the serious worker". So for all us 'serious workers' out there, here are some more dashing designs to tempt you.....

Errol Flynn double modeling a natty v-neck top. Makes me want to go away and watch Robin Hood whilst knitting this dashing top. Don't know who would wear it though......

A not quite so cool picture modelling the standard cable number. You can imagine him saying why can't I get the Errol Flynn pose! Looking at the pattern though it does look a rather nice jumper with a low roll neckline and clean cable lines. I could imagine a lot more people wearing this now.

Ah! The chic, sophisticated look of the country set.. That knitted waistcoat was a 'must' in those days....

I do like the hairstyles in these plates, it makes you want to go style your hair into a classy number and make a bit more of an effort:) I like the name of this top - knitted blouse...

Now this pinafore dress I will try, I think. It looks great in the picture - literally like a thin fabric draping well on the figure. I wonder if it does that in reality or eventually turns into a 70's maxi dress down to my ankles:) It also says at the top that it 'will be very useful to wear with a knitted blouse' - so that's what I could use it for!! New outfit sorted!

And don't forget the knitted accessories. I love this hat and the way it's shaped at the sides. I think you'd have to consider your hairstyle though. It may or may not be that flattering. There are also patterns for every type of sock, hat, glove, stockings, vests, underwear you can imagine and possibly some you couldn't or wish you couldn't!! As pretty much everything was rationed or not to be had in the 40's, this book would have been an encyclopedia of basic techniques, patterns and recyling yarns but trying to help people retain a touch of fashion and style in their wardrobe.

I'll leave you with this cheery picture of a baby's pair of breechettes. I am so glad that baby knitting has made some progress over the years!

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