Saturday, 4 October 2008


Introducing Slouchy! Knitted in Rowan Tweed Dk, colour Heather. This is quite an old yarn from my stash - at least 12 years - and I don't know if it was still being sold then:) The pattern is from Classic Elite, called 'A Slouch for all Seasons' by Melissa Lynn. I got this and the red daisy pattern free by signing up for the weekly newsletters. A new pattern every week. There is also a Classic Elite group on Ravelry that features others classic elite knits - good to see others interpretations before you knit!!

It is a real slouchy beret, this one! Look at the way it is weighted at the back to give the 'slouch' feel. The dk thickness - or should I say thinness - very definitely works to its advantage. It would be interesting to try a heavier aran or worsted weight to get a firmer shape but still retain the crispness of the lace YO detail.

The pattern started with a 1x1 rib but I usually avoid this unless for a fitted beanie type hat. So I altered it to a 2x2 rib instead. In hindsight, this would have worked if I had remembered to go down a needle size or two to keep the band's slightly tighter grip on the head. Instead, I have a band that is getting looser every time I wear it. Lesson learned. But still it is very comfy and warm to wear.

This, I must admit is the second attempt of this pattern as I suffered from a severe brain fog episode where I managed to read the pattern incorrectly all the way through the whole 7.5 inches and only realised something was wrong when the decreases didn't match up with the lace pattern. The fact that the there was only one row of holes instead of two completely escaped my notice. I'm sure there was a small focused part of me screaming inside 'what an idiot! If you had just looked!!' Instead, I ripped it all back and started again - the right way this time!

See? Lovely double rows of Yo's - like it was meant to be....

But everything happens for a reason and my 'mistake' gave me the opportunity to consider the overly solidness of the yarn I had been using. The original picture is in a lovely solid orange - yum! - but my solid mid purple just looked, well, solid. Brick-like solid rather than yummy orange solid. So, working with the positive, I took the opportunity to substitute my lovely Rowan Tweed.
(It's been hanging about so long as I been waiting for just the right project, worthy of such yumminess. I also have another two balls stashed so I'm happy with this decision - although it was a toughie)

And I'm glad I did, cause now I have a yummy, heathery tweed slouch I can wear in all seasons:) What do you mean, could be a Christmas present? They are coming along but I must admit to finding it hard to part with some of the hats! I have moved onto gloves - or 'dashing' from to be precise - but more on that tomorrow.

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