Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Finally...... Dashing!

Two blogless days later and I've finally finished the Dashing fingerless mitts. Okay, it hasn't quite been every second of the last few days but I have clocked up a good few hours of film watching! Funny how projects remind you of what you watched when you were knitting. So for Dashing, I've watched all of the extended DVD's of Lord of the Rings and Persuasion 2007 tv version. (I think it was ITV - in the UK).

The yarn is one of the hand dyed balls from a few months back and I think it works really well with both the solid and the cable areas. The blend of colours is just yummy. When my partner and I decided to dye some yarns mine ended up being tones of purply/pinks and jade greens. His were all lovely subtle browns, honeys and aquas. So I think it's only fitting to make a pair of mitts for him out of his sumptious yarns - which he generously gave to me. Strange he doesn't think he has a gift for colour and dyeing yarns. He won't believe me when I go 'WOW' and thinks I'm exaggerating his abilities ........ sigh.

A little close-up of the cable detail and the subtle colour variations of the yarn. The cable is a simple directional twist but you must remember to do the opposite for the other hand! C4B for the left and C4F for the right. The pattern is pretty clear but I did nearly forget and also had to remember to carefully place the thumbs and not end up with two left hands!! The pattern is free at and is a good weekend knit.

The finished hand warmer with the obligatory mug of tea - or coffee. I like these mitts as they are longer on the arm and very snug. Perfect for that cold computer hand syndrome:) Although you can't see the second mitt clearly, please note it is there! I actually did it! I didn't pause, get distracted and forget to 'get round to' the second one - second glove, sock, sleeve syndrome. I am sooo bad at that and since the first fingerless glove I knitted last year is still missing its partner, it was kind of important that I didn't fall by the wayside this time!
(I will knit it, honest! Now I've rediscovered the yarn.......)

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