Wednesday, 15 October 2008


SO! you've been wondering what I've been up to in the last few days? Since the dashing mitts, I started some pink fetching mitts and a hand-dyed 4x4 ribbed hat that I'm not too happy with, and mittens! See, I did it again. One pink fetching mitt down - ok, minus the thumb - and I got distracted by mittens so it still needs its mate knitted up. It does have a lovely picot edging at the top that I do like a lot though. (the red yarn is where the thumb will be)

But onwards to the mittens! The two tone blue mitts are based on the 'Very Cabley Mittens' pattern which you can find here. It is a well written pattern that has details for each hand - perfect for me who forgets to swap things around. I like clear laid out instructions so I can get on with the knitting! If you do intend to knit this then please note how much yarn you will need before starting.... 4ozs = 114 gms so one 100gm ball won't do it. Mind you, it does say Aran weight yarn on 4mm needles which could decrease the amount of yarn used and might come within 100gms, but I wouldn't take the chance. It's a lot of knitting to run out near the end - Like I did :((( I should have worked it out first...

Its a lovely cable twisted cuff that continues into little alternated open twists all over the mitten on both sides. This works well with a semi solid and the original pic is in a solid pink so that would work too. Maybe too busy a pattern for a colour mix. I followed the pattern exactly and found that it fits the male hand comfortably but is very wide and a bit loose on the cuff for smaller handies. It does give instructions for shortening and lengthening for individual sizing which is extremely helpful but not for the width. I might try to make a smaller version by knitting a Double knit yarn following the same instructions or I could reduce the stitches in the pattern but that would be more work really. But it does knit up nicely and is a cosy, thick, warm mitten.

Unfortunately the second mitt didn't get much further than the needles before the ball of yarn ran out - no way to eek that ball out, I'm afraid. So, plan B. Take back the first mitten and turn them both into fingerless mitts and, voila! Not the original plan but the best I can do with my fogged 'forgetting-to-check-simple-instructions' brain which I seem to perpetually have at the moment. So, will show you the finished cable mitts when I alter them....

But, after this experience, I decided to try a different mitten pattern that shows up the colouring of the yarn and didn't focus on the pattern so much. This is for chunky yarn and has a simple rib cuff and shaping for the thumb. Quick to knit and very soft and yummy. I just love these colours and although the blue mitts are technically more proficient, I do like these more:) They have a snuggly look for winter.

On size 6mm needles, one mitten uses 50gms of yarn with only a few inches to spare as you can see in the second picture. That is a little too close for comfort really and if your knitting is looser than mine, you will run out. Sizing for this one. Fits a man comfortably and a woman more loosely but I think I will tighten the cuff more by knitting it on smaller needles. Does fit me better than the blue mitten but I think once the cuff is more shaped it will keep it on my wrist better and I'll be happier with the fit. You can find this pattern here.

But I still have more mitten patterns to go. There are two more patterns in the Vogue knitting fall edition that I have to try but they may take longer as there are more cables again but for now, these snuggly mittens have leaped up the christmas list pile as they are quick, use little yarn and feel lovely:)

So you may see a lot more mittens piling up as well as Veritys and textured berets. I'll keep you posted.

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