Saturday, 18 October 2008

Finished mittens

Quick post to say that the Orange chunky mittens are all complete!

The second one knitted up really quickly now I'm familiar with the pattern. But get this. The second one looks bigger than the first. Go on, look at the picture. The second one is on the left and the first on the right. Yup, it looks longer and a kind of different shape at the top?! Exactly the same pattern. Mind you a pattern that says 'knit to the tip of your pinkie' could understandably vary for each one with me. Sometimes I check and it's nearly there and I'll say close enough. The next time I might have knitted right to the top of the finger and said, close enough!

Even funnier though is how much yarn I used. Follow this logic for a minute. If the second mitten is actually bigger - visibly bigger - then how come I have this much more yarn left over from an identical brand new 50gm ball for the second mitt??? Compare it to the first little pile....

Go figure! But I like these mittens so much I'm going to cast on some more now, possibly stripey? I'll keep you posted...

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