Wednesday, 1 October 2008


This was an interesting knit for me as all of the berets by Ysolda have been knitted from the centre out but this one worked from the band in. Maybe this method lends itself better to a cable pattern but I found I prefer working from the centre. I find all the needles running into each other annoying - and although this must have been true in the other hats, it didn't 'feel' as annoying so.... Apart from my personal preferences :) Ysolda's pattern is again cleverly thought out and looks visually stunning from both sides...

I used Paton's aran beehive and bought it online without feeling the yarn. I should have checked beforehand, I know, but for some reason thought it had about 50% wool in the mix. In reality it has only 15% and is less soft than I expected. I blame Debbie Bliss for this as now I have used cashmerino and alpaca silk my fingers have become much more sensitive to yumminess and nothing really feels as soft as I previously thought:)

This pattern can be knitted in fitted, regular and slouchy - this is the regular as I've done quite a few slouchies and wanted to compare the difference. And if it suited me then it could become mine in all its pink loveliness.....

Ah, don't you just love the intertwining cables? I really do think I might have to knit another one - in cashmerino maybe?

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