Friday, 3 October 2008

Red Daisy

Red daisy has been sitting around waiting for the daisies to materialise and they have been a week or so in the 'getting-round-to' pile. Goodness knows why as they were fun to stitch and I enjoyed every minute - even though it probably took longer to stitch than knit the whole hat! The hat is now completely transformed....

From solid red to a field of friendly flowers.

This is a photo heavy post today so you can see the hat from all angles. You don't notice in all the pics but the back view seems a bit sparse in the daisy department - and there was me trying not to overkill as usual! I think I will add a few more and go for the full head of flowers:) Can't have a boring bit!

This pattern was a slight variation of the Classic Elite Daisy Chapeau - which did have big 3D daisies on a garter stitch brim. It did look very sweet on the little girl modelling it but I don't think I could quite get away with it these days! I've also changed the brim to a 2x2 rib but I think a roll top edge would look softer, don't you?

The idea for the hand stitch came from a little pin holder I made when I was young when I learned chain, daisy stitch and just playing with the threads stitch - see the pink little daisy? I remember making this and solemnly gathering pins to store safely in the four felt pages.

So I've adapted the flower motif onto the hat for the big little girls out there who still want a bit of daisy friendliness in their day!

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