Friday, 17 October 2008

New shoes!

Introducing Dr Marten's Emily shoes in red. Lovely new shoes! Aren't they nice?

I have spent ages looking for these shoes online as soon as I saw them on Ysolda's and Cosmicpluto's blog sites. They bought them in Edinburgh when Laura from Cosmicpluto was returning Ysolda's visit to Canada. So I got the lowdown on how comfy they were, how you could just walk for miles stright away and most importantly, that they fit wide feet.

But could I find them online? No. They can be bought in black, brown and red and of course as I wanted the red ones, I couldn't find them at all. Brown yes, red, no.

I looked and looked and just as I was about to give up, I found a link to Amazon. Amazon?! Shoes?! Yup. In fact I found that Schuh have a very comprehensive range and I actually found more than one yummy pair and it was a close call but the Emily's won out - the colour, the criss-cross pattern and the general yumminess:)

Now, anyone who knows me, knows it takes AGES for me to find a pair of shoes I like and that fit and this usually results in a full day slog around shoe shops looking for just the right pair. So I have never bought a pair on spec, I always have to try them on. But I thought that at least Dr Martens have fitted before and I should be okay. (And I'm really not up to a shoe hunt at the mo:)

Ding, Dong, postie with my shoes this morning! Straight on the feet. YES! they fit:))))) A quiet thank goodness at this point. So, I've been wearing them all day and I even put on some contrasty tights to show off the redness. Such a small thing I know, but I've been going around all day saying 'new shoes!' and smiling:)

Aah, it's the simple things!!!

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