Thursday, 23 October 2008

Time for hats!

Now the weather is ever changing, it's time to hunt out hats and keep our heads snug. This pattern 'thorpe' seems an excellent option to keep both your head and your ears warm. Do click the link to the patterns page and scroll down a little on the right for the free pdf. I got my link through Ravelry so I didn't know Kirsten at 'through the loops' blog had all these patterns free and for sale.

It's a really quick knit with chunky yarn and 5.5mm needles although since I don't have 5.5 dpn's and was feeling too lazy to consider using the magic loop on circulars, I looked out some slightly thicker yarn and worked these two up on 6mm instead. Of course there is nothing like making alterations like this and having to compensate with the guage as you go. Hence no blogging for the last few days!!
Although there are two hats so far, I've actually knitted a way too big third - or first - that enabled me to readjust the pattern to compensate for the thicker yarn. Well, kind of.....
After two completed attempts I have still overcompensated and ended up with two very small adult hats - or two large childrens hats! But although they are a bit neat, they are very warm and snug around the ears and I like the thickness and density of the knit.

As well as the earflaps there are braids!! I think they finish the look well and are a bit of fun but I suppose they aren't everyone's cup of tea. I did enjoy making these and I couldn't resist decorating the earflap with a big white chunky hand stitched daisy with a pink bullion knot centre.

This was meant for me hence all the pink and flower motif but after a bit of wearing, it does get a bit tight around the forehead. Just around the garter stitch (raised) detail. In theory the garter stitch should make it looser here. Sigh. Everything else is there for the perfect hat - although there is no picture of me wearing it!! I'm not convinced it suits me yet - but I did say the same about the verity berets and I now wear them without thinking about it.

Nice big close-up of the stitch detail. I like this pattern. It is quick, clearly written in three sizes and also has a patterned version - which I've still to try. Maybe its time to design some matching mitts to complete the set?

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